Laboratorio Horian I+D in National Innovation System (NIS).

The NIS is an open system that pretends to integrally analyze the vast group of factors that interact in processes of both organizational and technological changes, which also influence the pattern of growth and guide the development. This concept includes every element that contributes to development, introduction, diffusion and use of innovations. It includes productive companies, educative system (particularly universities and technical institutes), laboratories and research centers, both mixed and private ones, financial system, public promotion agencies or institutions, among others.

Laboratorio Horian I+D is actively linked with Science & Technology institutions by different ways:

- It is located at Parque Tecnológico Litoral Centro SAPEM (PTLC), in Santa Fe city, Argentina. In last years, this Center has evolved as a biotechnological cluster in a regional level mainly because several biotechnological companies and numerous public research institutes and administrative centers interact in a synergic way. Moreover, PTLC is located close toUniversity City of Universidad Nacional del Litoral. This fact strength companies-University interactions and make it an important receptor of highly qualified human resources.

- Laboratorio Horian I+D is associated to National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET, Argentina), for the execution of “BIOFINA: Technology for biobetter pharmaceuticals preparation” project. This project is financied by National Agency of Scientific and Technological Promotion of the Ministry of Science& Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina (ANPCyt-MinCyt), being the CONICET Researcher Santiago Vaillard the government technical representative.

- Finally, Laboratorio Horian I+D is actively participating in “Programa Padrinos” of Universidad Nacional del Litoral, aiming to strength our relationships with scientific and academic community in our region as we contribute to its development.