Insitu forming implants and medical devices

We are developing bio-polymeric platforms to be used in endovascular therapies.
Endovascular therapy is a minimal invasive procedure that does not need an open surgery. This procedure is based on vascular navigation to reach any vascularized area of the body, and thus treat different affections.

The biotechnological platforms that we develop may potentially be applied in biomedical procedures as:
• Oncology: tumor treatment, catheter positioning for drug infusion.
• Neurosurgery: intracranial aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation.
• Cardiovascular surgery: treatment of carotid artery diseases, aortic aneurysms, and vascular occlusions.
• Gynecology: myoms and pelvic varices treatment.
• Obstetrics: hemorrhage prevention in high risk births
• Vascular Surgery: thrombolytic treatment

These biotechnological platforms allows to entrap drugs with different activities to release them in a controlled manner over time spam from weeks to months, depending on the medical requirements.

Preformed biotechnological or in situ formed platforms commonly use biodegradable polymers to produce structures as:
• Implants
• Gels
• Microspheres