Chemical synthesis of products

Our staff is highly qualified to design synthesisroutes for several chemical products ofboth low and high molecular weight. We have developed a vast experience in polymer derivatization and activation to be conjugated to pharmaceutical biomolecules.

Our company containsnumerous and different types of reagents that allow us to evaluate a broad spectrum ofstrategies to synthesize products without wasting time buying reagents. Moreover, we have developed experience in solving supply chain challenges.

Available equipment

• Automatic solvent purification system.
• Rotary evaporators.
• High vacuum pumps.
• Fluid recirculators.
• Analytic scales.
• pHmeters.
• Conductimeters.
• Orbital shaker-incubator.
• Homogenizer (laboratory and bank scales; max volume 2 L, viscous liquids up to 5000 mPa).
• Refrigerated equipment to centrifugal operation: from microcentrifugation to pilot scale centrifuges (max. volume 4L).